The 1675 Foundation makes grants to organizations that are tax exempt under the IRS Code 501 (c)(3) as well as public charities under IRS Code 509(a). Grants are made to organizations that serve Chester County, Pennsylvania.

The Foundation make grants to support direct services as well as advocacy strategies that focus on health, education, and basic human needs.

Grants from the 1675 Foundation support both proven approaches and also new approaches.

The 1675 Foundation prioritizes investments that serve those with the greatest needs in Chester County.

The Foundation supports the following kinds of efforts:

  • Programs that provide for protection of children, the elderly, and other vulnerable populations
  • Supportive social services such as access to health care, housing, education, and legal services
  • Homelessness prevention and amelioration
  • Programs to end hunger and promote food security
  • Opportunities for enrichment for low-income children and youth
  • High quality out-of-school-time programs
  • Legal protection for vulnerable populations
  • Campaigns for social and economic justice

Grants range from $2,000 to $50,000 and are made twice a year at the discretion of the Trustees. Grants are made on an annual basis: organizations may apply only once within a twelve month period. Multi-year grants are awarded occasionally.

Grant recipients must submit a brief grant report one year after receipt of the grant or at the time of the next grant application, whichever comes first. The grant report cover sheet and instructions are available for download on this site.

If you have questions about the application procedure or process, please call the 1675 office at 610-896-3868. Please do not contact Foundation Board members directly.

Wait Policy
Occasionally, organizations that have received funding from the Foundation will be asked to wait a year before applying for further support. This is so that the Foundation has the opportunity to support requests that address new or emerging needs.

Review Process

Complete applications are considered at meetings that are usually scheduled for December and May. Completed applications will be discussed at the next scheduled Board of Directors' distribution meeting, providing that all of the above has been received by the deadline prior to the meeting. If a site visit is deemed necessary, foundation staff will contact you.

Applicants will be notified of the disposition of the request within two weeks after the distribution meeting.

Application Deadlines

Applications must be postmarked by October 1 for consideration at the December distribution meeting or by March 1 for consideration at the May distribution meeting.

If the first of October or March falls on a weekend or holiday, applications may be postmarked by the next business day. No exceptions will be made. Late proposals will be held for the next deadline and distribution meeting.

Application Requirements

Grant applicants should submit an application that contains the following:

  1. Application Cover Sheet

  2. A Concise Narrative that Includes:
    • Statement of the organization’s mission
    • Description of the organization, background, and history
    • Description of current programs, activities, and accomplishments
    • Organization’s plans for the coming year
    • Description of your target population (who does the organization/project serve?)
    • Full description of the proposed program, its goals and objectives, and the population it serves
    • Clear evidence of the need for the program
    • Current status of the program (date established and anticipated duration)
    • Other funding sources of the organization and program (received, approved, pending)
    • Explanation of how you will evaluate the program’s outcome and how you will measure success
  3. Attachments
    A complete application must include the following attachments:
    • Copy of the organization’s IRS exemption letter
    • List of the organization’s Board of Directors, with affiliations
    • Organization’s current annual budget and a detailed program budget with amount requested from the 1675 Foundation
    • Most recent audited financial statements and/or most recent 990 tax return.
    • Past major contributors
    • Annual Report, if available

NOTE: 1675 Foundation will also accept the Philanthropy Network Greater Philadelphia Common Grant Application, available for download at Applicants must attach a 1675 Foundation Application Cover Sheet.

One copy of the application and attachments should be sent to:
Daphne Rowe, Executive Director
1675 Foundation
c/o Pembroke Philanthropy Advisors
16 E. Lancaster Avenue, Suite 102
Ardmore, PA 19003

All applications will be acknowledged. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed until they are complete.
If you have questions about the application procedure or process, you may call the 1675 office at 610-896-3868.


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